Experience one of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkeling sites in the world.


On Diving World Travel’s Visayas Dive Seafari, divers will discover majestic islands such as Cebu, Apo, Siquijor and Panglao, small pieces of paradise protected by rich and colourful reefs. With 2 to 3 dives per day, you will be discovering colourful reefs and an exceptional variety of fauna. Punctuated by land visits providing privileged contact with the locals, this seafari is excellent for accompanying non divers, groups and families. Our Team guides and Filipino mariners will provide you with all their local knowledge for an enchanting discovery of Visayas!

With a “bangka” (Filipino outrigger boat) as our mode of transport and dive base, 5 complementary and different stages, a selection of charming small hotels, an archipelago where beauty and calm go hand in hand. The choice of hotels is based on finding ones with charm and hospitality, instead of luxury. Most of the accommodation offers all the necessary comfort’s, however preference is given to the scenery, quality of service and optimal location related to the dive sites visited on your excursions.


Abyssworld, the journey “diving” authentic
Abyssworld Team is composed of professionals scuba diving and travel, with a long and solid experience. We are all driven by the same passion: to organize & manage our own trips, accompany you during each immersion to contemplate the fragile beauty of the oceans. A design-trip dive proven for over 20 years.


The mission of Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet is to provide scuba divers with the highest quality and most innovative and safest LiveAboard diving experience possible. We offer unparalleled customer service and the most comfortable dive yachts, accessing the best diving destinations around the world.


DivEncounters is the worldwide representative of the luxury live-aboard M/V Galapagos Sky (formerly the M/V Sky Dancer of the Dancer Fleet). Co-founded by Peter A. Hughes and Santiago Dunn, DivEncounters’ luxury live-aboard cruises visit all of the top dive sites in the Galapagos – including Wolf and Darwin Islands on every trip.

DivEncounters’ mission is to find the most exceptional underwater adventures on our planet – and deliver them to you in luxury style.


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WAOW has been designed with the diver in mind to provide the ultimate experience. Scuba Diving will be the principle past time offered on board. She will therefore be equipped to an extremely high level drawing on the teams more than 30 years experience in the industry. From the equipment used to the itineraries proposed, our philosophy is based on the following criteria and goals.a



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